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What Lengths Would You Go to in Order to Stop Speeding in Your Community?

What Lengths Would You Go to in Order to Stop Speeding in Your Community?

Almost every kind of community experiences a problem with speeding drivers at one point or another. Just who are the culprits in most communities? Residents, guests, vendors, teen drivers, elderly drivers, busy moms, distracted dads; almost every category of driver has been a little heavy-footed at times.

One of my HOA clients has had a debate for years over how to solve a speeding problem which is particularly troubling given that they share their roads with a country club whose members sometimes leave the premises after imbibing too much alcohol. Since theirs is a neighborhood like many others in Florida where folks like to walk, it can become a terrifying adventure, particularly at night, if you come across the wrong driver at the wrong time.

This community has installed clear speed limit signs throughout the neighborhood and some homeowners have even placed those children at play signs on their property. Vendors who enter the community and are spotted speeding through the streets are advised that they will not be granted access in the future if the practice continues. The community considered speed bumps but was told by the city that they would not approve them. The board has arranged to regularly install those curbside electronic speed monitoring stations which flash the speed of passing motorists but even that has had little impact on the driving habits inside the community. Since this is a guard-gated community with private roads, the police rarely patrol the roads which means most drivers realize they are not likely to be ticketed for their poor driving once inside.

Fortunately, a tragedy has yet to occur in this community but other communities have not fared as well. There have been traffic-related injuries and even fatalities in communities with resulting legal action brought against boards and even management companies for failing to implement sound traffic controls. One Colorado homeowners’ association recently purchased a laser gun and announced that it would begin issuing tickets and fines to drivers who exceed their posted speed limits. Whether or not those enforcement tactics will be upheld remains to be seen but it does underscore the sheer frustration that many associations experience when it comes to drivers speeding on their roads and inside their parking areas.

So how does your community handle this problem currently and what new tools would you like to have at your disposal?

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