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What Are the Real Reasons for Certain Association Rules?

What Are the Real Reasons for Certain Association Rules?

My husband returned from a recent meeting at a condominium and told me that he was required by a condominium employee to go back and re-park his car “head-in” to the guest parking spot he was occupying. When my better half inquired why parking head-in was preferable to head out, the guard told him “I don’t make the rules, I only enforce them.”

Since it is easier for most people to pull out into traffic when leaving as opposed to backing out into traffic, we were unable to come up with a reason for this particular rule. When confronted with certain rules that, on their surface make no sense, many people want an explanation and, if given a reasonable one, will gladly comply.

Hopefully, there are perfectly logical reasons for the majority of rules that associations promulgate and enforce. I often wonder if it wouldn’t be best for a board or manager to list what those reasons are so people can have an “Aha” moment. Let’s look at the most typical association rules and try to divine the reasonable goals that are being sought.

  • Restrictions on guest occupancy. Possible reason: safety and security is enhanced by knowing who is residing in the community at any given moment.
  • Restrictions on commercial vehicles. Possible reasons: aesthetic concerns; size of parking spaces.
  • Restrictions on exterior paint colors. Possible reason: aesthetic concerns.
  • Prohibitions against exterior signage of any sort. Possible reasons: aesthetic concerns; concerns that residents may be misled by quality of vendors; concerns about message of sign being defamatory or disturbing.
  • Restrictions on leasing. Possible reasons: high percentage of rentals may make community unappealing to lenders; same safety and security concerns with guests/visitors.
  • Restrictions on elevator use. Possible reasons: certain activities associated with a move or a unit renovation may result in damage to the elevator and/or unavailability to other residents for a prolonged period of time; harsh or abnormal use is likely to result in expensive repairs.
  • Pet restrictions. Possible reasons: pets create certain issues connected with their maintenance including noise, waste, and possible injury to others.
  • Head-in parking. Possible reason: ???

What rules have you seen that made you scratch your head and wonder: Why?

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