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How Can Your Attorney Help Build Your Community’s Brand?

How Can Your Attorney Help Build Your Community’s Brand?

My last blog discussed the importance of building a brand for your community association. Many of you may have agreed with the concept but struggled with the idea of how to achieve such branding for your community.

The obvious people to assist you in this endeavor would be a Social Media specialist, website guru and a graphic artist. However, you may be surprised to learn that an experienced and knowledgeable community association lawyer may be your very best asset in terms of establishing and safeguarding your community’s unique brand in the marketplace.

Let’s look first at the branding for a typical retirement community. In order to promote that brand, it would be helpful if there exists an active social structure with abundant recreational activities. Your association attorney could help create that infrastructure with recommendations for various standing committees, committee structures, Board resolutions creating same, as well as policies and best practices for members of those committees.

As far as fiscal issues are concerned, is your community perceived as doing things as cheaply as possible or as one which spends wisely and delivers value for the assessment dollar? My law firm, Becker, is one of the founders of the Communities of Excellence program which spotlights Florida communities and managers who “get it right”. Many of the communities who receive awards for innovation.

Are your community’s rules too loose or too restrictive or your governing documents out of date? We can look them over for drafting, legality and whether they actually accomplish your goals and bring them up to date with the law.

Are your dispute resolution processes civil and fair or rigid and heavy handed? We can help set up templates for demand/notice letters and resolutions for fines and suspensions.

How do approach communication at board meetings, between board meetings, between board members, etc.? Nothing does more to set the tone in the community than open and transparent operations, and that requires a commitment to communication.

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