Sunday, December 22, 2013

Is Secondhand Smoke Impacting your Community? Take CAN's Up In Smoke Survey.

Picture this:

It is a beautiful Florida day. There is a light breeze blowing, the sun is setting, and it is cool enough to enjoy sitting out on the patio of your condo. You are all set up to sip a cool glass of wine with some friends when your neighbor steps out to enjoy a pack of cigarettes. 

Or how about this:

You are walking to your mailbox to pick up your mail and your path takes you by a neighbor walking her dog and smoking.

Or even this:

You are sitting in your living room watching TV when you smell the cigarette smoke coming through from your neighbor's unit.

While smoke is a natural part of life emanating from candles, cooking and the occasional tobacco product, excessive second-hand smoke is becoming a growing problem for many communities. Over the years we have received many inquiries from condominiums, cooperatives and HOAs struggling with the issue of excessive second-hand smoke impacting their residents and employees. Bearing in mind that it is currently difficult and expensive for associations to successfully intervene when residents complain about a neighbor's excessive smoke invading their units, balconies, the corridors and other common areas, CAN is asking for your input in this short survey.

Has your association confronted the issue of second-hand smoke and how have you dealt with it? Do you believe that an association should have tools to intervene when excessive second-hand smoke becomes an issue or is this an area that associations should avoid?

For the communities that have this issue, it creates a serious impact on their residents' lives.  

While we have heard from many CAN members that this is a complicated issue, how many of you believe that a legislative change making it easier to amend your documents to regulate or prohibit smoking is warranted? 
Please use the following link to take CAN's Secondhand Smoke survey. We will be running this survey until January 10th. We will then compile and report on our findings.

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  1. So sorry I missed your "Smoking Survey"....My "Life Changed" on Nov 9th 2013..Downstairs couple moved in,unfortunately, both are
    "hardcore smokers"..setup 2chairs/table outside their unit..smoke every hour..sometimes 45mins..I cordially told them I am allergic to smoke etc..asked if they could walk appx 20-30ft to end of bldg to smoke...Her reply was NO...
    My jalosie door/Kitchen & Bdr Rooms
    windows have been closed 3days per week...I get to "Breathe" M-Thurs
    9a-5p when woman is at work....
    They claim "they want to quit",
    they are in their 50' 71
    Lived here for 10yrs..never a problem w/any neighbors..They "of course feel entitled.."paid cash
    renevated inside etc..I am literally a PRISIONER IN MY OWN HOME.& FEEL EXTREMELY VIOLATED & have told them so..but of course their addiction come first..All I want is My LIFE BACK....Any help/imput you can offer would be so greatly appreciated. I don't know how much longer I can be "cordial" in this situation....Thank You for listening...Looking forward to you thoughts...Kelly