Monday, April 19, 2010

Join me today, 1 pm ET on WLRN 91.3 FM (

Join me today, Monday, at 1 pm (Eastern) on 'Topical Currents', the daily current affairs radio talk show of South Florida NPR affiliate WLRN, for an on-air discussion of current Condo and HOA legislation pending in the Florida State Legislature.

WLRN Listeners in South Florida can tune-in to Topical Currents at 91.3 FM on the radio dial, from the Palm Beaches throughout Broward, Miami-Dade and the Florida Keys.

Internet listeners can tune-in live to the Topical Currents program by pointing their web browsers to:

I will be interviewed by Joseph Cooper, host of Topical Currents, along with fellow program guests Sen. Jeremy Ring (D-Margate) -- whose Senate Bill 1196 dealing with condo issues passed the Florida Senate in a unanimous vote on Friday -- and Rep. Julio Robaina (R-Miami).

Listeners are encouraged to call in during the program to +1 305-995-1800 with questions and comments about community association legislation pending in the current 2010 Legislative Session in Tallahassee.

Again, that's WLRN 91.3 FM on Monday April 19th from 1-2pm or live on the Internet at


  1. Banks will now pay 1 yr of unpd main fees and assessments when they take title.,,great proposed legislation.

    However we are still short two yrs
    of maintenance fees after getting title to a foreclosed unit.

    Why can't we get legislation that would allow the Association to tag these unpaid fees as contingent upon the new owner getting title?
    (Doesn't the Association do this to the seller when unpd fees are accrued?

    Buyers are getting bargains out there, and the paying owners are punished for paying lost Main Fees and Assessments.

    This slack should be attached to the deed as a secondary lien that the buyer or seller must pay.

  2. Let's tag unpaid Main fees and assessments in those foreclosure deals to the new buyer, as units are being sold for one-half the values of 2008. Please sponsor some legislation that would provide the same payment guarantee as we do when it's a non-foreclosure sale. The paying owners are bearing a brutal burden.

  3. email to:

    subject: Bill 1196 and the 55 mph speed limit

    Dear Governor Christ,
    I am a 26 year Florida resident and Condo owner in Boca Raton. An independent, I've always supported and voted for you. I found it distracting when you vetoed the similar bill last year. I read that it was the Fire Sprinkler provisions you objected to. Granted it's tough decision, having to put a monetary value on human life. My first thought was the similarity to the repeal of the 55 mph federal speed limit law, as the mantra "Speed Kills, 55 Saves Lives" implies, but at what cost? Is 1 life possibly saved worth $2,000,000,000 a year in lost American productivity? 10 lives, 100 lives, where does the line get drawn? Much to my delight, in 1995 the Republican Congress repealed the 55 mph federal speed limit law. At the time, the highway safety lobby and consumer advocacy groups made, now known wrong, apocalyptic predictions about 6,400 increased deaths and a million additional injuries if posted speed limits were raised. Ralph Nader said that "history will never forgive Congress for this assault on the sanctity of human life." I humorously thought to myself, if "Senator Christ" was in office he and Mr. Nader would've been hand-in-hand! How can I again vote for Governor Christ? I wondered how many lives have been, or would be expected, lost due to a temporary lack of fire sprinklers in common areas of what are probably mostly cinder block/stucco constructed buildings? Although, the part of the bill that affects me the most personally is the removal from 718 of, "All improvements or additions to the condominium property that benefit fewer than all unit owners shall be insured by the unit owner or owners having the use thereof, or may be insured by the association at the cost and expense of the unit owners having the use thereof." In my Association, 25% of the units have carports which since inception in 1980 have been inexpensively insured under the Association Master Policy. Based on this flawed wording, the Board is now attempting to wrongly assess the carport owners an annual amount of $240, roughly equal to 18% of the replacement cost of the carports. The only remedy appears to be litigation, that is if any unit owner(s) has the guts and resources to bear the burden. I assume Unit Owners in other Associations are facing similar problems. Let me close by saying that nothing would please me more than to have our next Senator be an independent. Considering the current state of the Senate, God only knows how much good you will be able to do for Florida as an independent, but I believe it will be great. In what appears to be shaping up as a very tight race, I believe allowing 1196 will result in many more votes than vetoing it, in addition to it undoubtedly being in the best interest of the State of Florida. Please Governor Christ, make 1196 law.