Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preparing your documents and your facilities for a storm

Once the media becomes focused 24/7 on an approaching storm, your adrenaline naturally starts pumping. Use that nervous energy to get your community and owners as physically and mentally prepared as possible.

Community associations rely heavily on various documents to function properly. Association records should be scanned and uploaded for temporary secure internet storage with hard copies placed in water tight Ziploc bags and secured in a fireproof box.

Which documents should you secure?

Insurance Policies

Resident Lists

Financial Records

Employee Records


Association Governing Documents

Community Plat

Plans & Specifications and Blueprints

In addition to document preparation, you will need to prepare your property physically. Trees and bushes should be trimmed and any dry wood or debris removed. Any construction material should be secured or removed. Generators should be tested and put in place. The pool and spa should be prepared and the pool furniture stored. The following lists should be prepared:

Vital Equipment List:

Location of shutoff valves and structural components

Location of water lines and cutoffs

Electrical main circuits, gas or fuel oil lines and cutoffs, sewer lines and clean-outs

Location of emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, defibrillators and generators

Important Contacts List:



Insurance Agent

Management Company




Pool Company

Landscape Company

Elevator Company

Having this information handy in case of a power failure will make it easier to call the people you need and to show those people where certain items are in your community.

Tomorrow we will discuss how to get your owners and residents mentally and physically prepared for a storm and what you should be thinking about in terms of preparing abandoned or foreclosed properties for a storm.

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