Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't underestimate the likelihood of October hurricanes

It's October 2nd and we've managed to get more than halfway through Florida's hurricane season with nothing stronger than a typical summer rainstorm. However, don't count out the month of October as a potential threat for hurricanes.

Wilma tore through South Florida four years ago on October 24th. Those communities with proactive and knowledgeable boards and trusted advisors fared much better than their less-informed and ill-prepared counterparts. Every year we see information designed to get Floridians prepared for the weather that is a natural part of living in paradise. What we don't see is information designed specifically for community associations and the volunteer boards who run them.

My group, the Community Advocacy Network (CAN), created a Hurricane Preparedness Guide for Community Associations specifically with your needs in mind as you try to safeguard your own property as well as that of your neighbors. You can print out a copy of that guide at I will also be discussing various aspects of hurricane preparedness and disaster recovery in a series of blogs.

The very first step to being prepared for a storm event is to form a Hurricane Committee which can implement the strategies and ideas we will discuss. Make sure to pick people who don't mind rolling up their sleeves to get the necessary preparatory work done. Being prepared and staying calm are your two strongest weapons in the face of a serious storm event.

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