Friday, September 11, 2009

Ombudsman Trivia

If you live in a Florida condominium, you hopefully know that Florida is one of two states that has a Condominium Ombudsman. If you do give yourself 1 point! Let's see how much else you know about this Office.

1. When was Florida's Office of the Condominium Ombudsman created?

A. 2001 B. 2004 C. 2007

2. Who was our first Ombudsman?

A. Virgil Rizzo B. Mickey Mouse C. Charlie Crist

3. How does the Ombudsman get the job?

A. Elected by condominium owners B. Volunteers C. Appointed by the Governor

4. How many people have served as Florida's Ombudsman?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 1

5. What are the eligibility requirements to become Ombudsman?

A. Must be an attorney admitted to practice before the Florida Supreme Court B. May not actively engage in any other business or profession C. Must not serve as the representative of any political party D. All of the above.


1. B-The Office was created in 2004;

2. A-Virgil Rizzo

3. C-Appointed by the Governor

4. This is a trick question. There have been 2 full-time Ombudsmen since the office's creation: Virgil Rizzo and Danille Carroll. Currently Colleen Donahue serves as the "Interim"
Condominium Ombudsman until a permanent replacement can be found for Ms. Carroll.

5. All of the above. Perhaps one of the problems in terms of finding a permanent Ombudsman is that the job description requires an attorney and not many attorneys are willing to take a pay cut to fill this role. Perhaps a change in eligibility requirements is in order.

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